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Women who appear as homeowners or home seekers across HGTV’s programming are portrayed almost exclusively in terms of extremes.

Why Does HGTV Want Its Viewers To Hate Women?

Why must HGTV’s production and editing teams insist on painting the women who appear on their popular shows in wildly broad strokes of high Read...
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Saying cis-men want more sex and women want less straight up shames us ALL.

Saying Men Want More Sex & Women Want Less Shames Us All

By saying all people who identify as women want less sex and men want more, you’re grossly generalizing two large groups in a way that is both Read...
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Sex + Love
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Good Fathers Are Not Saints

An equitably responsible life between a man and a woman should not be seen as a rare wonder, but an expectation. Read...
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Allowing myself to be cared for, and her to experience and enjoy the feeling of caring, is an act of love for both of us.

Let’s Praise The Way Men Think And Act Differently From Women

This article originally appeared on Read...
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In what world would a superhero's priorities be in this order?

Are You A Housework Superhero? Target Fails Again

You may be assuming that we’re going to be seeing pink, and if so, then you are partially correct. But they took that gender stereotyping and walked Read...
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Image: Pixabay, Katy Allison

When Did You Lose Your Virginity? WHO CARES?

I was definitely what you might consider a “late bloomer.” When I was younger, I was exceedingly shy around women and insecure about my weight, and I Read...
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"In a culture where men are taught to be aggressive, dominant, and condescending, my father was nurturing, quiet, and never once treated his daughters and son differently." Image: Thinkstock

How My Father Helped Me Become The Feminist I Am Today

It would be easy to point to my mother as the originator of my lifelong feminism. She kept her last name when my parents married in the ‘80s, refused Read...
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I felt a strong need to rise to challenges, because I knew that my dad would expect nothing less from me. Image: Thinkstock.

My Dad Wouldn't Call Himself A Feminist, But I Would.

“Feminism” wasn’t a word I heard much growing up. When I did hear it, I equated it with a historical event, not a work in progress. I thought first- Read...
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