In a few weeks, I'll be sending my second kid off to school full-time. It's a moment I know I should feel sad about, and believe me, sometimes I do, but mostly I feel guilty because I don't.

I Feel Guilty About Sending My Kids To School

Back when I had my first child, back when he was still a baby, I imagined us moving to the mountains. I was thinking about having three more kids, Read...
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Would Homeschooling Be Better For My Special-Needs Child?

The argument against homeschooling is always the same: “Kids need to socialize.”I am at my daughter Ella’s school — or at least the Read...
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Homeschooling Didn't Work For Our Family, And That's OK

The year we homeschooled our fourth-grade son, it seemed like the best idea. We no longer could afford the private school he had been attending, and Read...
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Why We Chose Homeschooling Over Two Great Charter Programs

If I were a SAHM with just my daughter, I wouldn’t question homeschooling being in my capacity. But I’m not. I’m a WAHM with three little ones. Only Read...
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Mondays With Matt: What Is Unschooling?

Matt breaks down the major differences between unschooling and a traditional classroom setting. Read...
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Freedom From School: Our Unschooling Story

It’s not me teaching them, as if I’m the expert imparting knowledge unto them. We talk and look things up and explore and wonder and experiment. We Read...
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At 12 and 10 years old, my girls are still in the age range where society tells me that I should be presenting a polished version of myself to them. Image: Thinkstock.

3 Reasons I Refuse To Hide My Feelings From My Daughters

The reality is that any person I love, including my daughters, can deeply hurt my feelings. Does this mean that I hold my daughters to the same level Read...
Akilah S. Richards    |   07.20.16   |   SHARE