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Women deserve more.

Showdown Over Calvin Klein's Sexist Billboard

In her letter to CEO Steve Shiffman, Zak pointed out, “You and I view the world very differently. I believe women can do anything, and that we should take every possible opportunity to teach and remind them of that. Anything less, in this day and age, is irresponsible marketing.”


Fiction Friday: Desperate Strangers

I could only spread my legs so wide because the dress was attached to garters which were attached to fishnets which were stuck in my boots.


Riccardo Tisci’s 40th Birthday Party Was Probably Fancier than Your Wedding

Champagne wishes and caviar dreams.


Just In Time For Lollapalooza: The Top 5 Best Festival Looks

Warning: There will be denim cutoffs, Hunter boots and cross-body bags. Glean some inspiration and head into the fray!


Top 5 Moments in Denim: A Salute to Classic Blue Jeans

What do Marky Mark, Rihanna and The Boss have in common? A memorable case of the blues.


Kimono? No! 5 Reasons Why You Should Think Twice Before Buying One

The kimono is back on trend. But think carefully before you pounce on this schlumpy-chic overly-trendy wonder-gown.


Is It The End of Days? Luxe Handbag Label (Wait For It) is Lowering Prices!

British luxury label Mulberry is lowering the prices of their covetable handbags. Their loss is our gain.