Riccardo Tisci’s 40th Birthday Party Was Probably Fancier than Your Wedding

If you didn’t hear, Riccardo Tisci, the creative director of Givenchy and purveyor of beautiful white dresses turns 40 on August 8th, and to celebrate, he rounded up all of his friends for a Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous-type birthday bash in Ibiza last weekend. the attendees included possible deportee Justin Bieber, several Kardashians, 90s supermodels and surprise appearances by Zach Efron, Jessica Chastain and Jared Leto. Kanye performed and there was even a naked man in a leather harness. It was luxurious debauchery all wrapped up into one hedonistic weekend, and we’re not gonna lie, we wish we had gotten an invite. Read on for party weekend highlights.

The dress code was “Black Subversive Glamour.”

Kate Moss obviously won the dress code with her fishnet body stocking. Only Kate Moss could make a fishnet body stocking look glamorous. Also, the look in Kim’s eyes says “Squeeee! I'm in a photo with Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell! I’m totally freaking out right now!”

Beats by Dre sponsored the party, so naturally Tisci received a pair of 24-carat gold headphones (no Starbucks giftcards for Tisci).

The scene at the Studio 74 (for the year Tisci was born) themed party, complete with chic horses. 

Watch out Ellen, this photo could rival your star-studded Oscar selfie. Tisci sitting on Naomi Campbell’s lap, Kim sitting on Kanye’s lap, Puff Daddy, Kate Moss looking overly excited and don’t forget about Cassie and her plunging deep-V neckline. 

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