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Queer Parents Aren’t Allowed To Have Mixed Feelings About Parenthood

For queer parents like me, meanwhile — although I know that my whiteness and my class affords me a degree of protection from scrutiny and Read...
Lindsay King-Miller of Role Reboot    |   07.2.19   |   SHARE
As the dust settled after these battles I could finally see that I don’t have to be a mother to be a parent, and that I can be a parent without being like my mother.

Coming Out And Having A Hysterectomy Opened Me Up To Raising A Family

Now that I’ve had my hysterectomy, I’m not fighting my body every day. Now that I’ve come out, I’m not fighting my heart. Read...
A.R. LaPlant of Role Reboot    |   04.24.17   |   SHARE
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How Drag Queens Like Lady Bunny Inspire A Straight Biracial Woman Like Me

Drag queens, like Lady Bunny, teach outsiders to embrace ourselves and to embrace others. That means doing more than demonstrating tolerance. Read...
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Themes of positivity and self-worth will always be welcome under my roof.

She Is "Jazz" And My Daughter Thinks That's OK

This article first appeared on The Good Men Project Read...
Nathan Timmel of The Good Men Project    |   10.19.16   |   SHARE
Finally owning my bisexuality improved my marriage. (Image: Thinkstock)

Claiming My Bisexuality

If bisexuals do not begin claiming their genuine identity, then society will never begin to fully understand and accept that bisexuals exist. I don’t Read...
John Moore of The Good Men Project    |   10.10.16   |   SHARE
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Ravish It: OUTsider Festival Could Be A New Home For Queer Artists

The first of its kind in the U.S., OUTsider aims to educate and entertain while establishing a new creative home for queer artists. Read...