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I Was Diagnosed With Anxiety 5 Times Before I Took It Seriously

How can I sit here and encourage other women to talk about their mental health when I can’t even be honest about mine? Read...
If I don’t treat my depression as a real thing, how can I expect anyone else to?

On Chronic Mental Illness And Hospitalization 

Hospitalizations make me realize my own shortcomings when it comes to placing mental illness on the same plane as physical illness

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Depression And My Appointment With A Hole

This is my depression. It returned the other day. And it spoke to me.

Average life events evoke extreme anxiety and deep, internal sadness that most will never understand.

10 Things People With Bipolar Disorder Want You To Know

I’m ready to demystify the stereotypes and break down the stigma of bipolar disorder.

It’s hardly a wonder so many people suffer in silence, when these are the responses they’re likely to receive if they talk about their problems.

The Phrase We Need To Stop Using When We Talk About Depression

I can assure you that when a person is at rock bottom and in so much emotional pain that they literally can’t think of anything else but ending it as quickly as possible, someone telling them that it’s stupid would make about as much difference as a supermarket cashier telling them to “have a nice day” or someone in the street telling them to smile.


Why Do We Mourn Robin Williams And Endlessly Mock Amanda Bynes?

Is 2015 the year we will finally take an honest look at our country’s dealings with mental illness?