I watch, fearfully, sadly, and angrily as evidence of everything she said my father did to her slowly reveals itself to me.

'It's All In Your Head': Intimate Partner Violence And Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

My father was an abusive man, plain and simple. That wasn’t all he was, but to my mother, that's who he was. He was a controlling individual who Read...
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The #LikeAGirl Maxi Pad Super Bowl Commercial Isn't Helping The Feminist Cause, You Guys

Because #hittinglikeagirl and #runninglikeagirl are the least of our problems, people. Read...
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What MONSTER could hurt this darling face?? Grrr! Credit: Facebook

Modern Family Star Talks Domestic Violence, Gives Issue More Visibility

The domestic violence Sarah Hyland has faced devastates us . . . but gives us hope that more people will clue in to this massive issue. Read...
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Roger Goodell Finally Announces What The NFL Will Do In Wake Of Domestic Violence Scandals—But Is It Enough?

On the heels of the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson controversies, the NFL has pledged to curb domestic violence in its ranks. Read...
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The Creative Activist Response To CoverGirl's "Get Your Game Face On" Campaign

CoverGirl, supposedly for "female empowerment," sticks by its NFL beauty campaign. Photoshop to the rescue. Read...
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Dad Goes Viral With "Be Nice" Ray Rice Jersey—And It's Not OK 

Once again, women and girls are bearing the burden of holding men responsible for non-violent behavior. Read...
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The Real Reason To Be Outraged About Domestic Violence And The NFL

Why domestic violence in the NFL is dangerous—not just for victims, but for our whole society. Read...
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#WhyIStayed And #WhyILeft My Emotionally Abusive Relationship

The entire world is speculating why Janay Rice decided to stay. Here's why I just might understand. Read...
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