parenting a special needs child

I am proud of the fact that I pushed and continued to push for her autism evaluation, as this is where all the validation in the world has erased the sting of judgment from strangers.

Things Well-Meaning Adults Say To My Autistic Child

People should stop assuming things about my autistic child. Read...
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“Is autism my super power?” she asked me, giggling.

Being A Voice For My Daughter's Autism 

“Is autism my super power?” she asked me, giggling. Read...
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There's a part of me wondering if having one more child might be a little selfish.

I Have A Special Needs Child; Should I Have A Baby? 

I’ve always wanted four children. I’m not sure why. What is really giving me pause is the fact that my second child, Giovanni, 8, is special needs. Read...
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9 Tips For A HAPPY Marriage While Parenting A Special Needs Child

In times of stress, we often keep everything bottled up inside until it explodes out over the slightest disagreement. But this approach won't work if Read...