Despite how trendy you become or how much other women praise you, menstrual cups just aren’t for everybody.

Dear Menstrual Cup: Sorry, But We're Breaking Up For Good

Dear Menstrual Cup, we are over. Done. Finished. Finito. And not just because my period is ending. This time I mean it for good.

Nadya Okamoto

19-Year-Old Nadya Okamoto's PERIOD Inc. Fights For Safe & Hygienic Periods

Meet 19-year-old Nadya Okamoto, a second year Harvard University Social Studies major with a mission. PERIOD, Inc. is her movement!

Can plus-size people use menstrual cups? Be prepared for a learning curve...

Can Plus-Size People Use Menstrual Cups?

Many assume that the menstrual cup doesn't work for fat people. So we're tackling the question, "Can plus-size people use menstrual cups?"

Yes, PMS is real. No, women are not just making it up.

Natural Remedies For PMS  

Yes, PMS is real. No, women are not just making it up. Here are a bunch of natural remedies, tips, and tricks to make PMS less miserable.

In our community, women on their moon are embraced, not shunned.

In My Culture, Having A Period Is Powerful

I park my car on the side of the street and turn off the engine.

A program that helps boys understand the natural reality of having a period.

#RavsRadar: UNICEF Launches Comic Book To Help Indonesian Boys Understand Girls' Periods.

We all know that menstrual periods are perfectly natural, and it’s the cycle of nature, and isn’t the reproductive system amazing, and blah blah bl


Techno Tampon: How Do You Feel About Vaginal Bluetooth?

I love communications technology. Luuurrrvvvvveee it.


Why Is Etsy Banning These Rad Period-Themed Accessories?

Periods happen. They just do. This is neither a good thing nor a bad thing. It’s just a thing. Like how hunger happens, or or a sneeze happens. It’s a body thing that… happens.