My hope is that by the time she actually starts her period, she’ll be very comfortable expressing her needs.

Normalizing Menstruation: Why I Talk About My Period To My 2-Year-Old Daughter

I just tell my daughter the truth about my period: I have PMS, my back is killing me, and we’re going to eat a lot of chocolate.

“I will try to maintain some sort of normalcy today, regardless of what is coming out of me," I assured myself. (Image credit: Flickr/adifansnet)

To Anyone Who Doubts The Awesomeness Of Women, Here's What A Period Is Like IRL

I’m tired of men in suits making decisions on behalf of my lady parts. If you want to control my reproductive system, then you better go ahead and start controlling ALL that that entails, including supplying me with an unlimited amount of tampons.

Periods are a valid reason to stay home from work.

Menstrual Vacation! Paid Time Off For Cramps. Amen.

Some people think periods are blessed celebrations of the cycles of womanhood and its connection to the earth.

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A Happier Vagina: Here Are 4 Apps For That

These are the top four women's sexual health apps you need on your phone right now.


Watch: Periods are a Disgusting Bloody Nightmare—Embrace It!

This parody ad shines light on a truth women know all too well: menstruation is repulsive. (But that's OK.)