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Are We Still Ashamed Of Our Periods?

There are still parts of the world where women/vagina owners aren’t allowed inside their own home or community when they’re menstruating. They’re seen as impure. I believe the scientific term for all of this thinking is “total and utter bull.”

When we use terms like ‘bad cramps,’ we normalize (and devalue) the experience of female-centric pain.

Stop Saying You Have 'Bad Cramps'

My well-meaning friends would share how their ‘bad cramps’ were cured with birth control or yoga, and I’d feel like the failure with a low tolerance for pain. I’d sit in bed, between pain spells and wonder if my agony was an elaborate form of laziness designed to help me shirk the adulthood. The Bad Cramps Brigade meant to foster solidarity, was inadvertently gas-lighting me.

“What are these white surfboards for?” Image: Thinkstock.

How To Explain Maxi Pads To Your Kids (Or Not)

I've been checking out Flex Form technology and Radiant designs where I can get Aztec stripes on my tampon wrappers. But what I really need to know is if there is an overnight pad that doesn't have freaking wings attached to it. I hate wings. These flypaper-level stickiness, rip-the-color-off-your-undies flaps should not be called wings.

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Why I Dumped Tampons For The Diva Cup And Never Looked Back

Whenever I rave about menstrual cups (which is kind of frequently), there are always some people who say that they think cups are gross, or that they’re uncomfortable putting their hands in their vagina to insert the cup and take it out.

"There's nothing strange nor mysterious about menstruation." Preach, Disney.

Annie Ruined Everything: The Best/Worst Menstruation Films Of Yesteryear

In this film, we got to walk backstage with the young Broadway actress currently playing Annie. She explained the rules for taking on the role: Once a girl started her period, she couldn’t be Annie.