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Without thinking about the context of our words, we are silencing others who may, in fact, be harmed by what we write. (Image: Unsplash/ Greyson Joralemon)

What Does Your Story Add To The Conversation?

What happens when we publish something that hurts another group of people? Read...
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The room smelled like gefilte fish, and it reminded me of the synagogues I studied in for hours on Sabbath afternoons to please my father.

Long Reads: Out Of The Picture 

A man faces his estranged father and the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community he had left behind years ago. Read...
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Long Reads
My personal goal was always to help writers tap into bigger social and cultural issues through their work — not to peddle exploitative shock-factor trash.

Navigating The Ethics Of Editing Personal Essays 

The fact of the matter is that content mills are dangerous and personal essays are a different beast. And there’s a vast level of discrepancy between Read...
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Here's a baby pic of only-child-me!

Stop Telling Me That I Must Be "One of Those" Types!

“You’re an only child?” Many people say this with a semi-stunned expression, their eyes widening and head tilting, as though they’ve just come eye-to Read...
Jennifer Lea Reynolds    |   10.26.16   |   SHARE

Being Thin Didn't Make Me Happy, But Being "Fat" Does 

I'll let you in on a little secret. This girl, the one on the left, she's me. In the flesh, me. Five years ago, after three babies. Me. That's the Read...
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The Trials And Tribulations (And Trauma) Of Getting A Good Haircut

I sat obediently in her chair atop four ancient copies of the Yellow Pages. Crossing my fingers, I prayed Catholic schoolgirl prayers. Read...
Catherine Gigante-Brown    |   04.28.15   |   SHARE

A Happy Death, Full Of Light And Color

It's possible to mourn and celebrate, to be with someone you can't see or feel, and to find some kind of joy even when you're mired in loss. Read...
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If I Had Stayed

The more I told him that something hurt me, the more that he did it. Read...
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