Naseem Jamnia


Naseem Jamnia is a non-binary Chicago native. After spending eight years as a neuroscientist, they dashed off to write stories that center marginalized voices in Reno, with their partner, dog, and two cats. Visit their website at and join the Tuesday Telegrams, their weekly essay series on current events and more, at

Naseem Jamnia Articles

(Photo courtesy of the author.)

Iran Deserves Your Sympathy, Too

America, we beg you to see us. We beg you to try to glance in our direction with something other than disgust. Iran deserves your sympathy!

"With this all around me, and with my parents’ dedication to families of children with disabilities, how could I not believe deeply in service to others?"

I'm An Intersectional Feminist Because Of My Sufi Faith

In Sufism, one of the central doctrines is non-judgment of anyone based on their gender, race, religion, or ethnicity. This is grounded in the concept of Divine Unity. If everything is a reflection of the Divine, that means everything.

Without thinking about the context of our words, we are silencing others who may, in fact, be harmed by what we write. (Image: Unsplash/ Greyson Joralemon)

What Does Your Story Add To The Conversation?

What happens when we publish something that hurts another group of people?