Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Makes History

Prejudice against women has existed in this country since its very inception. Indeed, prejudice against women has existed throughout all of history, long predating the presence of America, and sexism continues on unabated today, in most parts of the world. And it goes mostly unaddressed, much less eradicated.

Settling for less than what you want or know you deserve sucks. However, in some cases, it’s absolutely necessary.

5 Things To Keep In Mind If You're 'Bernie Or Bust'

I wholeheartedly agree with Sanders’ supporters’ main talking point that it’s high time for the current political system and its lack of inclusiveness to be overturned.... On the other hand, since Clinton has so alienated a third of Sanders’ progressive base, it’s high time for her to rethink some things, too. Who knows, maybe challenging her to move to the left on certain issues could be even more productive than shaming the “Bernie or Bust” faction.

Does support from women of color exculpate Clinton from charges of being a white feminist?  The short answer: No.

Having Support From Women Of Color Doesn't Make Hillary An Intersectional Feminist

"White feminism” is defined by intersectional feminists as a brand of activism that exclusively uplifts well-to-do white women, while ignoring every other marginalized group. It’s also defined by many Hillary Clinton critics as, well, Hillary Clinton herself.

Who wins in the battle of rude?

Dear Bernie And Hillary: Could You BE More Childish?

Up until recently, you had both run your campaigns on what you stood for and your proposals for running this country. There had been a snide remark here or a little jab there, yes, but as a whole, you were looking ahead and running your own race, rather than the race others were running. You both stuck to your own lanes. You took your hurdles in stride, paced yourselves, and focused on running the best race you could.