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Gay Promiscuity, HIV, and Stigma; What Is Really Happening? 

When cishet people deal with sex and HIV, it remains a private affair. When queer people deal with sex and HIV, it can mean death. And not because we’re queer, but because of social and political stigma, because doctors refuse to help us, politicians don’t want to get involved, and conservative religious leaders continue to fuel the stigma behind sex and HIV. This is a classic case of poisoning the well.


Dr. Zhana Vrangalova: Studying the Science of Casual Sex

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Amy Schumer's Trainwreck

I Cannot Bring Myself To See Amy Schumer's Trainwreck

There was nothing easy about recovery, but it helped that living the trainwreck lifestyle had stripped me of everything. Within sixteen months, I was unemployed with no job prospects, barely scraping through my last semester at school. I was drinking every day. Sex with classmates had led to casual encounters which bottomed out at trading sex for cash, something I spent a whole lot of time justifying.


My Feminist Mother Slut-Shames Me

I’m proud to say my mother is a supporter of SlutWalk, is staunchly against victim-blaming, and all for empowering women. But when it comes to me, her ideals seem to change.

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Infanticide: A-OK In Nature!

Apparently in the animal kingdom, killing tots can carry an evolutionary benefit.


New Study Correlates Perceived Promiscuity with Financial Dependence

Researchers at Brunel University believe we're suffering from an evolutionary adaptive lag.


The Color of Slut-Shaming: Why Women Don't Trust Ladies in Red

A new study found that women don't trust other females wearing red. Huh?