The fight towards gender equality is slowly, but surely, becoming an intersectional affair.

How To Challenge Your Gender Normative Parenting Habits

As a psychologist with a strong commitment to promote gender equality, I’ve found myself re-thinking traditional and gender normative parenting habits.

You know what I love as much as, if not more than, vibrators? Vibrating gloves.

Incredible Inventions That Have Completely Revolutionized Sex

Sex-related health advances, toys, and tech have come a long way from one-size-fits-all-condoms or vibrators that are just varying degrees of the same vibrating stick. NOT ANYMORE.

Third Child Party Favors: My favor to you was providing booze and grilled meats. Image: Thinkstock.

To My Third Son On His First Birthday: I'm Sorry

My first child’s milestones were elaborately marked, photographed, and celebrated with much fanfare... My third child however? Not so much. His first birthday was a much quieter affair — if it could be called an affair at all.


7 Danger Zones I Navigate Every Morning

Some mornings feel like the day wakes up two hours before I do — there's just no other way to explain the mess that greets me after washing the sleep out of my eyes. (In true SAHM fashion, though, that can be hours after getting up. Please tell me that's not just me.)

Guns are serious business -- NOT child's play.

I Threw Away My Son’s Toy Gun

There is a bigger problem at hand here: the toy industry feels that it is appropriate and lucrative to include play guns in children’s toys.

"The monster truck is life."

The 5 Stages Of Toddler Toy Loss Grief

There are few things in life more jarring to a toddler than the loss of a beloved toy. And there are few things in life more jarring to a parent than having to cope with the COMPLETE FRICKING HYSTERIA that results after the loss of said beloved toy.


Queens Of Africa Dolls Outsell Barbie—Toy Industry, Are You Listening?

These dolls have knocked Barbie clean off her pink, plastic perch in Nigeria. Now, will the rest of the industry finally wake up?


Easy-Bake Oven: Sugar-highing America’s Children for 70 Years

Long-running toys can be fascinating historical objects.