Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to spend a few hours showing ourselves the love we deserve.

Ten Ways We Can Celebrate Ourselves on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to spend a few hours showing ourselves the love we deserve. Read...
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What I Really Want For Valentine's Day

It’s nothing you can buy at See’s or Hallmark. You won’t see a commercial for it. Frankly, it’s a lot easier to buy a dozen roses on than it Read...
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Love Lessons
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The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts To Give Someone You’re “Sort Of” Dating

If you’re going down the gift route, here’s a guide so you can pick up the best gift to give the person you’re “sort of” dating on Valentine’s Day. Read...
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Sex + Love
Just kidding, you're asleep. That was a dream.

It's Valentine's Day; Let There Be Coffee And Sleep And Sexless Back Rubs

You wake up to birds chirping, just kidding, you don’t, because it’s February and it’s freezing, and also you have a kid.  But you wake to those Read...
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I am going to teach my daughter that she will always be loved and chosen.

Why I Celebrate Valentine’s Day With My Kid, But Not My Husband

*/ /*-->*/ Valentine’s Day has always been fraught for me. In middle school, I desperately hoped for an admirer’s carnation to be delivered in Read...
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There is no one who would go to the same lengths to make me smile.

My Mom Will Always Be My Valentine

A breakup, Mom, a cheerleading competition, and Valentine's Day... Read...
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I blamed myself for what happened and internalized the guilt and shame that many survivors feel after sexual violence.

I Was Sexually Assaulted On Valentine's Day

My sexual assault is the main reason my girlfriend and I didn’t celebrate the love-infested holiday for the first six years of our relationship. Last Read...
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#SelfCareSunday: 5 Ways To Be Your Own Valentine (Including Vibrators)

Today is the day, Valentine. No one can love you like you and even more certain, no one knows what you like more than you. Read...
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