I didn’t realize how crucial my late teens and early twenties were for forming deep and lasting female friendships to get me through the gritty parts of life. Image: Thinkstock.

The Things I Missed Out On Because I Got Married As A Teenager

I was constantly on the defense, prepared to fight for my young love against those who thought I wasn’t ready for marriage. It pains me to say it, but in a way, they were right after all. There were things I was missing out on by marrying young, things I didn’t even realize I was missing until it was too late.


No, I Will NOT Allow My Child To Play Grand Theft Auto.

The conversation began again with this employee. He told us it’s pretty much impossible to avoid the violence, sex, and profanity. “It’s really the worst game out there for kids,” he told me bluntly, confirming my fears.


Reflecting On Selena, 20 Years After Her Extraordinary Life

There was something special about Selena. No. Scratch that.


Meet Saira Blair: West Virginia's Just Elected 18-Year-Old Lawmaker

West Virginia's youngest lawmaker is conservative college freshwoman Saira Blair.

Courtesy of Legal Times

Meet The U.S. Department Of Justice's Fierce New Civil Rights Leader: Vanita Gupta

You've been dying to know who would take over the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice of the US, amiright?


A Woman Just Won Math’s Highest Prize for the First Time

Told as a child that she wasn’t talented at math, Maryam Mirzakhani just made history.

But, but . . . she's holding a baby! (Credit: Facebook)

Gia Arnold Infidelity Scandal Raises Age-Old Question: Should We Care When a Politician Cheats?

This time, a female politician has been caught with her pants down. Why do we care?


Watch: Conan O’Brien’s Humble, Hilarious Hollywood Beginning

He’s such a natural in this music industry instructional sales video, Hollywood execs no doubt took notice.