Laughter is some wondrous medicine.

6 Things That Will Help You Cope With The Mixed-Up World We Live In

News flash: things are super messed up in our country (and the world) right now, and sometimes that fact can become entirely too much to handle. Ever Read...
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I wasn’t just wearing a swimsuit; I was moving in one. Image: Thinkstock.

How I Overcame My Swimsuit Phobia And Learned To Appreciate My Body

My swimsuit phobia started in middle school — that breeding ground of body shame and fear. One minute I’m a kid excitedly putting on my pink two- Read...
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This diet is for those who need a chewing and digestion intervention — we’ve all been there.

Nigiri For Your No-No Hole & Other Highly Effective Diets

[CN: diets, not eating (both satirical)] So, you’ve tried every diet out there. You are fed up — and often barely fed at all. The South Beach Diet, Read...
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Why You Should Love Amy Schumer

I immediately developed a hot-and-heavy girlcrush on the wild, wacky, brash, candid, feminist, rubber-faced comedian—and you should too. Read...
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Comedy Duo - Frangela

Frangela's Idiot Of The Week: Man Kills Imaginary Friend

A man from Jacksonville, Florida (duh) reportedly turns himself into police for killing his — wait for it — imaginary friend, Mr. Happy. Oh Read...
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Idiot Of The Week With Frangela: Nurse Not-ingale

Who stole all the Post-its and Xanax and Bengay? Read...
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Credit: Thinkstock

Death By Zumba

If I had a spirit animal, it would be the sloth. And that slot would be binge-watching Transparent instead of going to the gym. Read...
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Golden Globes Illustrate Everything Wrong (And Right) With Women's Role In Comedy

Last night's awards ceremony both challenged and highlighted comedy's enduring gender gap—a problem female comedians are speaking out about. Read...
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