Trump-eared dog (image credit @JVR1992)

This Dog Has A Cyst That Looks Like Donald Trump

Our President has been reduced to a sac of pus. That's how bad things have gotten. Yup, my dog has a cyst that looks like Donald Trump! Read...
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Do you have a safe word for family holidays?

Surviving Family Holiday Meals: 2017 Edition

Do you have a safe word for family holidays? A word that means, “Meet me in the bathroom with pie, cuz sh*t just got real?” You’re not alone. Read...
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An as of yet unknown group has sent a disturbing racist postcard to residents warning of Asians “taking over” Edison. (Image: YouTube/ Zevo News)

Racist Postcard Targets 2 POC School Board Candidates

Some backward thinking people seem to think that being racist is the same as being Patriotic. A racist postcard was sent out targeting two board Read...
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A world in which fatphobia suggests that fat women are undesirable, and then uses that as a defense of sexually assaulting fat women isn’t new.

#MeToo & Fat Women: Sexual Assault Is Not A "Favor" 

We live in a world which fatphobia suggests that fat women are undesirable. It's disturbing to have to say that sexual assault is not a favor. Read...
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Get Your Free (And Festive!) November Wallpaper

Happy November! Halloween has come and gone, and while some people jump right into Christmas, we here at Ravishly have a deep love for any holiday Read...
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My candy addiction is real and the holidays are hard.

The Holidays Are The Worst Time Of Year For My Candy Addiction

My candy addiction is always with me, but the period between Halloween and New Years is the most challenging time of year. Read...
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There Is No Right Way To Ask Someone To Lose Weight For You

People’s health and looks change over time — if you only want to be in a relationship with someone “healthy” you should probably just stay single. Read...
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By Paul from United Kingdom (Kevin Spacey) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Kevin Spacey Comes Out As Gay, Makes Excuses For Shitty Behavior

Kevin Spacey comes out as a gay man but this does not give him a pass for being a predator. Call it what it is: pedophilia. Read...
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