Will Smith made me cry.

Will Smith Has A New Single And It Is So Bad

My Boo Will Smith has a new single out. AND IT IS AWFUL. Read...
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Image of Donald Trump by Mariah Sharp @MightyMooseArt

Why Trump Speaking At The Value Voters Summit Matters

Donald Trump aligns himself with bad people. He willfully insults good and honorable people. Speaking at the Value Voters Summit is a prime example. Read...
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The problem isn’t the reactions of the people being bullied, it’s a culture where bullying and harassment are considered acceptable.

Should We Ignore Our Bullies?

Should we ignore our bullies? The problem isn’t the reactions of the people being bullied, it’s a culture where bullying is considered acceptable. Read...
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It's International #DayOfTheGirl And These Girls Are About To Make You Cry

Why do we need International #DayOfTheGirl? Because every five minutes a girl dies as a result of violence. That's why. Nothing more needs to be said Read...
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This is just more Monday than I can handle.

The Cute Emergency Twitter Account Is Everything — Because It Is Monday AF

I don't know if it's just Monday or if I am just this stressed because of life in general. Either way, I quit today. Read...
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MealEnders: A lame excuse for dessert.

What Is A "MealEnder?" (Is It Not Dessert? Def Thought It Was Dessert.)

Inquiring minds want to know - what is a MealEnder? No, it's apparently not dessert. So right off the bat, the name of the product is misleading. Read...
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“Until you get out and see with your own eyes how devastating this storm was and how much people lost, you just can’t comprehend it." — Insane in the Mom-Brain's Patti Ford, on the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

Lovers & Fighters In America: Houston-Based Writer, Patti Ford, Helps Victims of Hurricane Harvey

When Hurricane Harvey devastated the Houston area, Patti Ford, whose home was not damaged, felt compelled to help those affected by the storm. Read...
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Breast Cancer Detection: Feel Yourself Up On The Regular

It’s October, and everything is about to go pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. That means we all get our annual reminder to be aware of our own Read...
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