Daniel Shaver

A Police Officer Just Got Away With Brutally Killing An Unarmed Man (Again)

Daniel wasn’t just an unarmed man brutally shot and killed, he was an unarmed man brutally shot and killed by a police officer. Read...
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I don't care what Donald Trump eats.

I Don't Care What Donald Trump Eats, And Neither Should You

I don’t care what Donald Trump eats, or any other president for that matter. I don’t care if he exercises. Health is not guaranteed under any Read...
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Johnny Depp as Grindewald (image credit Warner Brothers)

JK Rowling Gets A Twitter Lashing For Casting Depp 

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, I guess. JK's gotta employ Depp and I gotta write about it. Read...
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Tarana Burke is the woman who started the Me Too movement. We owe much of this movement to her efforts and activism.

The Silence Breakers Were Never Silent — We Just Weren't Listening

With the announcement of the TIME Person of the Year, the Silence Breakers, there is no doubt that our stories of sexual harassment have taken center Read...
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Death Positive Video Game Goes Behind The Scenes In A Funeral Home

The interactivity of this Death Positive video game makes them the perfect medium to explore topics like death, grief, and mortality, Read...
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Yule is a promise: winter sucks, but spring will come again.

Centering Yule During A Month Full Of Christmas

After the solstice, the light very slowly begins to return, and every day is a little longer. Yule is a promise: winter sucks, but spring will come Read...
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Sex toy gift advice from an adult product blogger!

The Gift Of Pleasure: Sex Toy Gift Advice From An Adult Product Blogger

I’m a huge fan of spreading the love right now — and I can’t think of better self-love items than sex toys. Sex toy gift advice! Read...
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#NotAllMen (You Too, Matt Lauer)

Dear #NotAllMen (You Too, Matt Lauer): Welcome To Being A Woman

This shouldn’t come as a surprise any longer, because it seems like every other dude entertainment industry is a creep, but now it’s Matt Lauer. Read...
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