6 Pounds Of Meth Discovered On Downed Drone

Drones, the Orwellian fixture of modern times, are no longer available for your secretive drug transportation. 

Some guys just ruin all the fun. 

That's right folks, a drone toting six pounds of meth lost the battle to mighty winds and fell to its death yesterday. It was found in a supermarket parking lot near the San Ysidro crossing to Mexico's border (that's near San Diego). At the moment, the sender and the recipient have yet to be identified.

But, six pounds?! That's, like, an entire cat. Fairly overzealous, eh? While this is hardly the first time drug rings have utilized this fancy piece of technology to do their dirty work, this airborne drug-mule is starting to attract more press thanks to this recent find. 

We may be—gasp!—looking at a bleak future when drones will no longer carry drugs at all. Read it and weep, fledgling drug lords. (And entrepreneurial bougie teen boys.)


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