RIP, Internet Explorer

The time has come to bid adieu to that ancient relic known as Internet Explorer. Like AOL and Yahoo, this former stalwart has been eclipsed by younger, hipper upstarts. And now, it's being put out to pasture.

That's right: Microsoft has announced that it will phase out Internet Explorer. As you likely know, Microsoft has tried to fix the notoriously shoddy browser many a time—with no success. So rather than beating a dead horse, Microsoft has decided to launch a new flagship browser for Windows products. As of now, the codename is "Project Spartan." 

This means we now have Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and probably more browsers that I am not cool enough to know. But while these are all clearly superior options to Explorer (with Google's Chrome browser generally acknowledged as the best), I must admit that it's still hard to say goodbye to that spunky little "e."

At least we'll always have the memories.

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