Hugh Jackman Singing Les Mis as Wolverine is Everything You Want and More

Happy unofficial Les Mis day, everyone! First, we shared Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel singing "Confrontation" from the musical. Now comes this video of Hugh Jackman belting out Who Am I? Except that instead of singing it as Jean Valjean (yeah yeah, he's a great song and dance man) Jackman decided to kick shit up a notch.

Yes, that's right. It's Les Mis as sung by Wolverine. 

Suffice to say, watching the dramatic "Who am I? I'm Jean Valjean!" replaced with "Who am I? I'm Wolverine!" is Christmas morning-level delightful. And it's all but guaranteed to make you fall deeper in love with Jean Wolverine Valjean. Aka the divine Hugh Jackman, who we totally forgive for adorably not quite hitting the last note.


Image: YouTube

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