Watch: A Sex Romp with Mascara

Lingerie. Confidence. Lipstick. We can all agree that these things are sexy. But mascara? Really?

According to illustrious makeup company Too Faced, this too is indeed a good time in waiting. The company launched a promo ad for its new mascara with the bombshell name "Better Than Sex." Because if there's anything to satisfy our lustful desires, it's black goop that we ceremoniously apply to our lashes in the morning.

Oh. And the minxy miss in the ad definitely orgasms.

Then again, there is some validity to Too Faced's connection between sex and cosmetics. Makeup was invented to mimic the way ladies look immediately after sex. Seriously! Lipstick and blush imitate the rush of blood that flies to your face during your big O moment. And wearing mascara or eyeliner highlights the blacks in your eyes, which makes them appear larger—a la post-coital dilated pupils.

Is connecting mascara with climaxing silly? Perhaps. Is it also kind of amazing? Hell yes. Now go curse lame Maybelline for not doing the same.


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