Weird Sex Problem of the Day: Coital Cephalgial

Orgasms are famous for curing a bevy of bodily issues. And, um, other things too I guess. You know, like ecstatic awesomeness and whatnot. Sadly, that's simply not the case for everyone. 

Ladies, let's talk coital cephalagia: the orgasm headache.

What is it?

Also called "primary sexual headache," this condition is, well, a headache. This terrible torment is described as a dull, tightening pain behind the eyes (for you science-y sistahs this is called the occipital region). It comes with the big O and can last anywhere from minutes to days. Sufferers say coital cephalagia is akin to a tension headache.

Why oh why Giana?

The prevailing theory is that it's related to blood pressure. Also, folks that already prone to migraines may be more susceptible from the get-go. Drug use (surprise!) is also a common culprit for sufferers.

Ah, I think I have this! How do I make it stop?

First of all, get your ass to the doctor. This could be (don't freak out) a symptom of a larger problem, like a tumor. Your doctor will likely prescribe an anti-inflammatory medication. Other patients suffer from anxiety—which may require different treatment. If blood pressure is the issue, exercise and health conscious efforts could improve that front.

Additional Fun Fact:

Hippocrates totes called attention to this phenomenon back in the day. Well, not just sex—all strenuous activities. Even if coital cephalagia is the bane of your existence, know that you are living proof of an ancient philosopher's theory. And that's kinda cool, right?

Image: Be strong! Courtesy of, ThinkStock 


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