Sleep Naked, Have a Happy Marriage?

A UK study boasts that married couples who sleep together sans clothes are happier. So is it time to ditch clothing for a freer, more joyous life?


First of all, the research actually found that 57% of marrieds who sleep in the buff are happy in their relationship, compared to 48% who opt for pajamas, and 38% who don onesies (I can't make this stuff up). But while this casts nudity in a favorable light, it in no way suggests that sleeping nude with your partner will actually turn your mood around.

Plenty of people don't like sleeping naked for obvious reasons (read: waking up to a flaccid penis stuck to your thigh), and that's OK. Getting cozy in the nude for the sake of creating a "happier" relationship will only worsen things if you're feeling uncomfortable. 

Then again . . . 

That said, there are benefits to sleeping naked. First of all, the skin-to-skin contact that occurs when cuddling PJ-less increases oxytocin (AKA, the love hormone). This helps you two (three? I won't tell) bond. Also, shedding your bedroom attire helps you cool down, and research has shown that a lower overall body temperature can aid in fighting insomnia. I don't know about you, but a restless night definitely makes me resent my partner—even when it's not his fault (mass apology to, like, countless guys). There's no need to wake up in anger like those overheated onesie-wearers. 

Lastly, being naked in front of someone requires a certain level of vulnerability. Embracing this can help you feel closer and more comfortable in your own skin. And we all know that's a good thing. 

Bottom line? Sleeping naked with your honey has many positive benefits—but it's not a promise that you'll be "happier." Then again, what's the harm in giving it a try?

Image: Naughty, naughty. Courtesy of, ThinkStock

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