Watch Fireworks in a Way You've Never Seen Them Before: Drone Style

Feeling a little daunted depressed taking on Monday after the Fourth of July weekend? We’ve got a little something to perk you up. Relive Friday’s fireworks one more time—drone style. This clever gent decided to unleash his flying quad camera to buzz around those most patriotic of explosions. The result? Fireworks like you’ve never seen them before.

The aerial view of the West Palm Beach spectacle creates an immersive, 3-D feeling, as if you’re floating through fireworks in space. Combine that with Bocelli belting out some opera, the outcome is truly a work of 'Merican art. (There’s also a shit-ton of smoke, but it’s a small price to pay.)

So get your USA chant on one more time to party like its The Jetsons meets 1776.



Image: Youtube screenshot

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