Sex Toy + iPad: Your Long Distance Relationship Just Got More Interesting

In the Age of Innovation, technology is advancing at unbelievable rates. Gadgets that we couldn't even imagine five years ago—like Moov—are now basic instruments for many. Since silly SnapChats have started taking precedence over texts (which, replaced phone calls in the first place), it should be no surprise that we'd look for a new way to experience another personal encounter: sex. 

Robot Sex?

Okay yeah, people have been video chat sexing for awhile now. That doesn't quite seem like such a big deal when compared to recent innovations though: the time has come when you can attach sex toys to your iPad and use them through your device.

So, the idea is that you can sync up an OhMiBod to music on your iPad, then FaceTime one, ahem, special friend playing the same music and utilizing his or her own OhMiBod (or an iPunani—you can't make this stuff up). It's akin to bumpin' uglies while blasting some bass heavy beats in your room. Except, of course, you two can be on opposite sides of the world. 

Not real enough? An app (not quite ready for normal people usage) can send some designated scents to make you think of your honey. And, of course, if you need things done to you—it's easy to have someone control your vibrator remotely. 

Strange Times

On the one hand, this is super awesome. Experimenting with new things sexually is fun! Whether it's a hit or a miss, these innovations can add fun to any relationship. Plus, this is a much safer way to engage in sex work (if that's your thing). 

The problem comes down to the folks who will inevitably resort to this kind of sex exclusively. Virtual reality web game Second Life allows players to have sex sans physical stimulation already. As anyone who has tried the game (or seen the award winning documentary Life 2.0) knows, virtual games can suck people into an enticing pseudo reality. Sure, some people can have healthy lives on and offline, but the same is not true for everyone. 

And while iPad-enchanced sex eliminates awkward nookie fails, but no matter what, the real thing will always beat the virtual world. Those laugh-inducing sexual bumbles are, well, kind of marvelous in their own right. No matter what technological advancements we make, getting naked with a real person will always be better. 

Image: Yeah she's smiling. Courtesy of ThinkStock.

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