Watch: "Fancy" Covered by Barack Obama

America, I am the realest! (Credit: Flickr)

America, I am the realest! (Credit: Flickr)

Let us all take a moment to thank Iggy Azalea for her ridiculously addictive song "Fancy." Having already posted some "Fancy" Internet renditions here, it's safe to say that we at Ravishly are basically sommeliers of YouTube cover videos of the song. (You're welcome.)

Obviously, we couldn't pass this one up. Why? Because it's a rendition performed by President Barack Obama. That's right: Someone took words from various speeches and strung them together to make a video of the prez singing summer's hottest rap jam.

Is it amazing? Yes. Better yet, it would definitely make our new It Girl Malia blush. Ugh. Dads are so embarrassing.


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