15 Signs That You Are Definitely A Workaholic

Workaholic? Who? Me?

Workaholic? Who? Me?

It’s a well-known fact that we spend more time at the workplace than we do at home with our loved ones. Taking your work home is one thing, but making work your home is another. When you’re totally oblivious to the fact that everyone but the security guard has left the building, maybe it’s time to consider getting a life! 

1. The staff at all four branches of Starbucks around your office know you on a first name basis, and have your “usual” ready for you the minute you arrive.

2. You have to schedule “appointments” to see your family and friends (who live within a 3 mile radius!). Whatever happened to just dropping by? 

3. You consider your colleagues as extended family. It isn’t such a bad thing, of course. But it is when you know more about their personal lives –– who’s sleeping with whom, their kids' ailments and so on –– than you know about what’s happening in your own family! 

4. Your desk drawers are full to the brim with the entire contents of your kitchen cupboard, (favourite coffee cup, cookie jar, cutlery, etc) –– even a random popcorn maker. Just in case!

5. Another one of your drawers is also allocated for your extensive footwear collection equipped for every work occasion –– including those cozy slippers! 

6. Whenever your computer crashes or log-ins fail, you start hurling abuses at it –– before having a nervous breakdown. To you, it’s the end of the world!

7. You think it’s a cool idea to keep spare clothes at work, just in case you do another “all nighter.” There is a shower in the building, after all!

8. You think leaving work early is arriving home before 9pm.

9. The phone rings at home and you can’t help but answer in your formal, “business-like” voice.  

10. When you go on vacation with your family, your out-of-office reply has all three personal contact numbers for “urgent queries.” You also make it a priority to pack your work laptop first. Erm…the whole point of a vacation is to have a break and relax!

11. Your boss has to plead with you to use up all of your annual holidays for the year. For goodness sake, take the time off. Public holidays do not count!

12. Just because you work in a swanky office with a pool table, game room, an in-house gym, a doctor and a dentist, doesn’t give you an excuse to go in during the weekends! 

13. You lie in bed at the break of dawn trawling through work emails that could easily be answered in a few hours time, when you actually get in to the office.

14. During an impromptu after work drinks with the team, you’re constantly talking about work-related issues and replying to emails while sipping on your Mohito. You’re not at work. Let your hair down!

15, Even when you’ve finished earlier than usual, you still linger in the office just to make yourself busy. No, the world won’t stop turning if you’re not there. GO HOME! 



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