5 Reasons To Break Up With Your BFF

BFF. Or not.

BFF. Or not.

You’ve been best buddies since third grade. You’ve shared secrets, sex tips and heartbreaks. But that doesn’t mean you’ve got to be forever friends. Breaking up with your BFF is never easy — it’s just as tough as calling it quits with a guy — but here are five ways to help you know when it’s time to say goodbye.

1. There are more tears than laughs. When the bad times outweigh the good, it might be time to rethink your priorities. When you can’t wait for your happy-hour get-together to be over, for example, or when you make excuses to watch Orange is the New Black — alone — something’s up. Take a cold, hard look at your buddydom and take action.

2. She pisses you off more often than not. Everybody pisses someone off sometimes. Gasp . . . even you! (I mean not me.) But if your gal pal is getting on your nerves more than on your good side, that’s a telltale sign that the blush is off the rose of your friendship. Life is too short to walk around grumbling about your bestie. 

3. You let her calls go to voice mail. Like a new love, your heart used to skip a beat when your BFF phoned. These days, you let her leave a VM more than you care to admit. Now you let her texts mellow before getting back to her instead of immediately after the ping. Do yourself a favor and pull the plug.

4. She goes rogue. Some things are inexcusable, even from your best girl. Like if she steals from you — cash or a boyfriend. Or does something illegal she wants you to be a part of — or lie about. I draw the line at felonies (sometimes even misdemeanors) and you probably should, too. Now, I’m not talking about addictions like alcoholism or drug problems. People should get a pass or two, especially if they’re seeking help. Try to lead them along the right path, but if it’s not working, send them packing.

5. You’ve outgrown each other. Sure, she’s comfy and cozy. (Sometimes.) Sure, you can finish each other’s sentences. (Still.) But that doesn’t mean you always have to be friends. People grow, change, and move on . . . and lately, it just doesn’t feel right between the two of you. Like a favorite sweater that’s gotten too tight around the pits, it might be time to put it away.

But that’s OK. All of it. Really. Everything changes. People, too. Don’t suffer through what is or mourn what isn’t. Just be thankful for what was, and that, once upon a time, you had a BFF that totally rocked. Just not anymore.

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