5 Ways To Snag 10 Minutes (Or More!) Of Alone Time This Holiday Season

I always wrap gifts in heels.

I always wrap gifts in heels.

The holidays can be a difficult time for anyone. Over the next two weeks we'll offer you some self-care strategies. Read more here.

Having trouble finding time to pee alone, let alone take a shower? Then you must be a parent!

No matter what time of year it is, the struggle is on for getting just 10 minutes of alone time to re-charge. Don’t worry — I've got your back! Here are five ways that you may have been overlooking, to take those minutes back for you: 

1. Participate In A Kid Swap With Local Friends.

Babysitting can be expensive, and we don’t always have the budget for that. So, in order to still reap those benefits, gather a group of your friends who have kids in the same age group of yours and start a weekly or monthly (whatever works best for you!) kid swap. This way, you will get some me time and they will get some me time — everyone wins!

2. Put The Kids To Bed Earlier. 

As crazy as this sounds, once the kids get on a new schedule, the notion of going to bed even as little as a half an hour earlier will make a huge impact in your life (and they will be well-rested!). Start thinking about how life-changing it will be to have an extra period of time to get things done in the evening, or just catch up on Scandal — your choice!

3. Grocery Shopping. 

More and more, grocery stores (and even gyms) are popping up with build-in childcare. This is an amazing thing to take advantage of as a parent! Grocery shopping will turn into a time that you all look forward to. After all, the kids can use some alone time, too. 

4. Get Your Partner On Board!

Both parents can use me time, it’s not always all about the mamas! Get that partner of yours on board and start planning some time where they take the kids to the park and you go get a manicure...then swap. Doing this for a couple hours each weekend can be super beneficial for you both. 

5. Simplify Your Life/Schedule. 

Having a full schedule can be a wonderful thing, but also exhausting and a time suck — sucking time away from you! Take a look at your monthly calendar and plan what is most important to you and your family. All of that time that used to be set aside for carting kids around from activity to activity can be used towards them playing with all those toys they have sitting at home, leaving you with at least 10 minutes a day unbothered. 

Do you have any special tricks for getting a few minutes of peace? Share with us!

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