8 Tips For Surviving The Office Holiday Party

Office party antics.

Office party antics.

2. Don't bitch about bosses.

It’s that time of year for the festive work party. The time when everyone lets their hair down, gets loose on the dance floor, and provides plenty of office gossip. But amidst the drunken antics and scandalous happenings, don’t be that person doing the walk of office-party shame the next morning! Here’s how to survive the office bash (and still keep your job!):

1. Don’t go wild at the free bar. Yes it’s a party. You’re having fun and the drinks are overflowing, but that’s no excuse to get ridiculously drunk. You probably won’t even realize your glass being constantly refilled, so pace yourself! Stumbling around or vomiting in front of your colleagues won’t bode well. Oh, and make sure you have some food before you decide to try the entire cocktail menu. 

2. Don't bitch about bosses. Parties have a way of releasing any work tensions and inhibitions. But now is not the time to moan to colleagues about your horrible bosses or your nemesis from advertising whom you simply cannot stand. You never know who might be eavesdropping, or worse still…it could be your nemesis from ads.

3. Dress to impress, not mortify. You may have agonized over your hot new party outfit for months, but make sure it’s suitable for the occasion. Here are a few pointers: if it’s too sheer, too short to sit down, too tight to dance, or shows so much cleavage you have to hold it up…don’t wear it! Avoid a fashion faux pas, or else you’re bound to have an embarrassing accident.

4. Buy appropriate Secret Santa gifts. The joys of buying a $10 ‘Secret Santa’ gift may be challenging — but no edible pants, butt plugs, or body chocolate (SORRY). You may have a sense of humor, but your recipient may not see the funny side. At least you can vow to stay ‘secret’ if it doesn’t go down so well. 

5. Wear shoes you can actually walk in. Sure, you want to show off your sexy stilettos or kitten heels, but make sure that you can walk in them. Tripping up, falling over, or limping isn’t doing you (or your sparkly footwear) any justice. Bring a spare pair of flats in the case of an emergency!

6. Never corner your boss to ask for a raise. You spot your boss in the room and decide, after one too many glasses, to approach them for a festive chat.  Don’t use this as an opportunity to mention the 'P words'  Pay Raise and Promotion — or to discuss this year’s meager bonus. This is not in the office, and he/she won’t care. Work matters are strictly forbidden! 

7. Don't confess undying love for a colleague. You’ve had a few drinks and spot the hot guy from IT that all the ladies are drooling over. Suddenly, you’ve found the courage to confess your feelings. But it ends up a babble of slurred words amplified over the rowdy crowds — while you stumble into him (those new shoes…). Then he looks at you with pity and nods his head. Hardly an intimate moment. 

8. Don’t be a Scrooge! Just because you’ve never got along with Patty from HR doesn’t mean you’ll go out of your way to ignore her for the evening. Put aside petty squabbles and share a festive drink or a dance. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, after all! 

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