7 Reasons I Hate Valentine's Day

What’s wrong with eating heart-shaped chocolates any other day of the year?

"So what are you guys doing for Valentines Day?" is the typical question asked each year. "Erm… Nothing much…" is usually the reply. There’s an expectation that just because you’re a couple, you MUST be doing something  tres romantic.

I’ve always been a romantic. I grew up reading fairytales, enjoy those clichéd romantic movies ("I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her." Sob), and turn into a tearful wreck at weddings. But if there’s one day in the calendar that I absolutely hate — from the bottom of my heart — it’s Valentine's Day.  

Before we’ve even had time to digest the festive season (and the last of the mulled wine), the overwhelming abundance of red hearts, teddy bears, and all things contrived come out to taunt us. They’re everywhere. From the zillion greeting cards, custom chocolates, gift ideas, sex toys, you name it — all in the name of a dude called Cupid. 

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just singletons who loathe it, but those in coupledom too! Here are some of the reasons why Valentine's Day is so overrated:

1. People assume you’ll be doing something awesome.

"So what are you guys doing for Valentine's Day?" is the typical question asked each year. "Erm… Nothing much" is usually the reply.

There’s an expectation that just because you’re a couple, you MUST be doing something tres romantic. Everyone else in the world may be out frantically shopping for extravagant gifts and places, but you find it all excruciating. Besides, what’s wrong with eating heart-shaped chocolates any other day of the year?

2. The expectation to have passionate sex.

The stores are telling you to buy sexy lingerie, light the candles, and have a night of Fifty Shades-style passion.

But what if you’re already doing that anyway? And if not, do you still have to wax your legs (or anywhere else) especially for that night? 

3. You have to be nice to your partner.

So you woke up that morning in a horrid mood (must be that time of the month), and saw the kitchen in a state. Your first reaction is to rant about being treated like "the help," but we’re not allowed.

Why? Because it’s Valentine's Day, and we have to be extra nice for the day. Make love not war and all!

4. Sickly social media posts.

You’ll always have loved-up couples who won’t waste any time posting their pictures (in front of the Eiffel Tower), declaring their undying love for each other, showing off the dozen red roses, engagement ring, or latest Michael Kors handbag they received.

Pass the sick bucket or get a room! 

5. The commute home is full of people… and gifts.

Suddenly, all the men on your train carriage are juggling bouquets of flowers and gift bags rushing to get home to their cupid.

While it’s a lovely (and rare) sight to see, I’d just like to make it alive to an empty seat without stumbling over a bag or two!

6. Your favorite place to eat is fully-booked.

Your local Thai restaurant you go to every weekend is now so popular that you get turned away. Blame it on those organized loved-up couples who had already booked a cozy table last December.

In fact, all of the restaurants are full, leaving you banished and hungry. How inconsiderate!

7. Family and friends will call to ask what you guys did (and expect to hear something awesome).  

That customary phone call to find out, "What did you guys do?" followed by the disappointing "Oh" when it doesn’t sound too exciting.

I mean, what’s so unromantic about snuggling together in front of a kung fu movie and Krispy Kremes? So what if it’s not the conventional roses, diamonds, and candlelit suppers? We can have that another time.

After all lovely folks, romance is for life and not just for one day.

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