8 Types Of Moms You'll Meet At The School Gate

Late-Running Moms of the world, unite!

Late-Running Moms of the world, unite!

There’s never a dull moment when you do the school-run, and the playground is full of interesting characters. So whether you know one of these mothers (or even are one yourself), here are some types you’re bound to meet:

1. The Glamourpuss Mom

She is the one who turns up looking like she’s just stepped off the catwalk. Typically fashion forward, immaculately made-up, manicured, or freshly-botoxed.

You’ll usually find her with the latest designer item or expensive household gadget. God forbid if you’ll find her shopping in Target!

In fact, you wonder how she gets any domestic work done at all without breaking a nail. Probably has a housekeeper (lucky).

2. The Late-Running Mom

You will often see her sprinting up to the gates in a sweat as you’re making you’re way home. No matter how many years she has been doing the school-run, she just can’t seem to perfect her time-keeping.

She usually looks frazzled, and never has time for a chat — “Can’t stop now, in a hurry!” Perhaps she needs to set her watch in advance.

3. The Deliriously Cheery Mom

Whether it’s first thing in the morning, when you’ve barely woken up or at the end of a busy day, she is always on a happy high.

While you admire her zest for the school-run, you can only tolerate her excitable chit-chattering in small doses. Let’s face it, not everyone can wake up that happy every day (even with an espresso)! 

But still, you’re keen to have whatever she’s having.

4. The PTA Mom 

Whenever there’s a cake-baking contest, sports event, disco, or annual summer fête​, without fail, the PTA Mom is at the helm. She will be the first to volunteer to organize and have her list of creative ideas ready (supplemented by an extensive Pinterest board).

She is usually the frantic one with a clipboard at hand, rounding up all the parents for their contributions.

5. The Mega-Mouth Mom

You’ll usually be able to hear her before you can see her. Not one to be discreet in her conversations, the whole playground usually knows of her business (and other people’s).

Whether it’s about her bladder problem, or the latest gossip (Guess who's having an affair with the school nurse?), she will be the first to spread the word.

Best to watch what you say to this mom. 

6. The Super-Duper Organized Mom

The mom we love to despise, yet secretly envy. She labels all her children’s uniforms and lunch boxes, preps all the meals for each week on Sundays, and alphabetizes everything.

And while the annual stress begins over the forthcoming World Book Day costume competition, she doesn’t break into a sweat at all — she’s handled it!

She even organizes her Tupperware cupboard in size order. Who even has time for that? (She does.)

7. The Stroller Mom

Don’t mess with this mama. She is the one with the 4x4 stroller full of paraphernalia and a kids scooter, usually running on a tight schedule.

She takes no prisoners, so move out of her way — she’ll run you over!

8. The Fitness Fanatic 

The workout mom who spends most of her spare time at the gym. Her typical school-run attire is latex, yoga pants, and running shoes.

She is usually either at a Pilates class or training for the marathon. And she doesn't "do" carbs. (Delicious, delicious carbs.)

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