All I Really Want Before Giving Birth

I want two hours to go by without having to get up and pee. (Image: Thinkstock)

I want two hours to go by without having to get up and pee. (Image: Thinkstock)

So you have made it all the way up to the end of the finish line? Congratulations! It’s a tough journey, and we spend most of those almost 10 months of pregnancy thinking about that little growing baby inside of us. We come up with the “perfect” birth plan, eat all the right foods, get adequate exercise – and don’t forget those huge prenatal vitamins. Every single choice that we make from the time we pee on that pregnancy test, up until pretty much the end of our lives, is made for our children. But right before giving birth, there are a few things that I’m pretty certain cross every mama’s mind.

I want a pedicure.

Yes, there is nothing like taking a wee bit of time for your tired feet before giving birth. After all, they are carrying all that extra weight. I need to take a time-out from washing baby clothes in Dreft and organizing the diaper bag to just do this one little thing for myself.

I want sushi (or any other food item on the lengthy “do not eat list”).

There is always that one thing we crave our entire pregnancy which falls into the “do not eat” category that our doctor shares with us during our first visit. Maybe it becomes much more craveable because we know we can’t have it, but either way we want it more than ever. And at the end of the day, this wee one inside us is good to go and a little bit of sushi isn’t going to change anything besides make us very, very happy.

I want a drink.

Pretty much the same thing here. What’s done is done, so why not have a glass of wine to relax our aching body?

I want a good night of sleep.

There is a difference between waking up at night because you need to feed your child versus waking up at night with heartburn, cramps, charley horses in your legs – whatever ailment has been bothering you most. Now this one seems to be completely left up to the pregnancy gods, but before we give birth, a good night of sleep would probably be more exciting than anything else.

I want two hours to go by without having to get up and pee.

Yes, it’s true – we have been spending more time in the bathroom lately than any other room in our home. And you know what? We’re sick of being there. So yes, just two hours where we don’t find ourselves heading towards the Porcelain Throne would be seriously magical. 


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