6 Sex Positions For Partners With A Big Height Difference

Sex positions for partners with a big height difference.

Sex positions for partners with a big height difference.

Figuring out what sex positions work best for you and your partner is kind of like playing a really fun game of human Tetris. There's bound to be some trial and error involved — and when you find one that's the right fit (pun intended) for both of you, it's bound to quickly become your go-to. But just because you have a few sex positions that do the trick each and every time doesn't mean you shouldn't expand your repertoire.

With so much information out there on the internet these days, finding a sex position that works for whatever you're looking to achieve is easier than ever. For example, say you're a shorter woman who's dating a taller man. Not every position is going to work well — and there are some sex positions (ahem, the 69) that are just not going to be in the cards for the two of you.

If you're dealing with a significant height difference between you and your partner, here are a few sex positions to try tonight that will get the job done and are sure to become your new favorites in no time.

The Wedged Thrust

Getting the right angle can be the difference between a satisfying sex position and one that doesn't do the trick. Co-founder Polly Rodriguez and the ladies of Unbound say using a wedge can help hit the spot. "A wedge underneath you makes up for the height difference between you and your partner, quite literally," they say. "It provides a stable rise and lift for perfectly angled penetration, opening up a range of new sex positions for you and your partner to explore."

To execute this move, lay on the edge of your bed or couch on your back with a wedge underneath your hips. Have your partner thrust into you while standing at the edge of the bed. Rest your legs along their torso for balance.

The Standing Adonis

While most standing positions are tricky for couples with a big height difference, sex and relationship expert Dr. Kat Van Kirk says that doing it in a standing position where your partner is lifting you can be an extremely hot alternative. "If he has the strength and you have the willingness, having sex while he lifts you up can be incredibly freeing when dealing with height variations," she explains. "It can be up against a wall or freestanding." Want to take things a step further? Incorporate a swing into the mix. "In order to offset the strength for him, a sex swing can be super fun and help you to get in a multitude of positions you might not have otherwise," she suggests.

The Side Slicker

When you're navigating a height difference, Unbound says to keep the golden rule of height differences in mind: Everyone is the same height lying down. "One of the biggest differences when your partner is in a different height bracket than you is the difficulty of achieving deep penetration positions," they say, which can be remedied with the right type of lube (like this silicone based one) and a position that amps up the ease of penetration.

"For this position, you should both lay on your side, facing each other," Unbound explains. "Put your leg up and around their waist allowing for easy penetration -- sort of a missionary position but done on its side. The other leg is more or less used for stabilizing. This position is great for going slow or trying a faster pace."


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The Spoon

It's a classic position, and one that sex therapist Dr. Rachel Needle says is perfect for couples with a big difference in height — as well as for building intimacy. "When you are lying on your side, the height difference doesn’t factor in much," she says. "This position can be intimate with your partner holding you close to increase your arousal while you are just laying there. You can also move your partner’s hands to caress different parts of your body and rubbing your clitoris. This position doesn’t rely on height so penetration can happen and if needed adjustments can be easily made."

The Spreader

Use your partner's long legs to your advantage in this steamy position. "This position would be tricky for partners of the same height, but is ideal for someone with longer limbs," says Unbound. "Your tall drink of water should be able to easily reach over you to stimulate you and will really enjoy the control of spreading your legs." To execute this one, have your partner sit with their back against the headboard or a wall with their legs apart and fully extended forward. "Position yourself in between their legs with your back to their chest and lay back," says Unbound. "Position your feet on the outside of your partner's legs. Have your partner push their legs outward to separate yours further and to keep them spread while they finger you."

The 69 2.0

You're both into oral, but 69'ing is off the table due to height differences. Enter: The Marley, a hands free remote control vibrator that gets the job done. What a time to be alive, am I right? "While 69’ing can be great way to keep stimulation mutual (and egalitarian!), it can something be tricky when you and your partner have a major height difference," says Unbound. "Using a hands free remote control vibrator helps to keep the vibe going for you both and is a fun way to play with control from a distance. While you give your partner head, give them the remote control to a hands-free vibe (that you wear). You control the intensity of their pleasure and they control yours."


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