The Cute Emergency Twitter Account Is Everything — Because It Is Monday AF

This is just more Monday than I can handle.

This is just more Monday than I can handle.

I don't know if it's just Monday or if I am just this stressed because of life in general.

Or maybe I have PMS and just don't know it because I don't have a uterus to cause me agony every 28 days. Perhaps it was the Full Moon. Or god forbid, is Mercury in retrograde AGAIN?

But I'm just going to get real with you. I have done alternate nostril breathing (see: BBA 2.0). I have done yoga. I have had chamomile tea.  I have had a shoulder rub and long looong hug from my husband. 

And when ALL of those didn't work, I took an Emergency Xanax. I haven't taken an Emergency Xanax in over a year.

So this is real. 

The next thing is sex, because he is also working from home. Except he has a meeting right now so that would be awkward. 

Anyway, our Social Media Manager sent me a link I needed very badly. Which sent me down a rabbit hole that I am now going to share with you, because today is Monday AF.


It's a secret bunny meeting about how bunnies are AWESOME. 

Yeeeeah. Me either.

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