Ify Ufele: The Baby Who Slayed At New York Fashion Week

Image: Instagram.

Image: Instagram.

Hey hey, Ravishers! Is your radar up? It should be. I’m about to bring you some pint-sized deliciousness, and a whole lot of fierce! Meet Ify Ufele, or just Ify if you’re cool like that.

Ify Ufele is the 10 year old powerhouse behind Chubiiline, taking New York Fashion Week by storm with her designs. However, it’s not just her designs that are fabulous, but her story. Ify started her line after being relentlessly bullied by kids at her school because of her weight.

Her weight, y’all.

We all know kids can be beyond cruel when it comes to appearances, but one little booger went so far as to stab her with a pencil. Now, Ify is damn lucky I’m not her mama because I’d have been like, Forget that sewing machine baby, we’re going to court! But no, Miss Ify took a page right out of Auntie Bey’s "Formation." She stayed gracious and is getting her revenge by getting that paper. Miss Ify designs clothing for all sizes, ages, and genders, and it is all delicious. I would love to show you her run at Fashion Week, but I don’t think the Today Show will let me post it, so click here to check out Miss Ify!

Can we all just pause and give Miss Ify the biggest and loudest church clap, followed up by a ‘Girl you betta get it!’, and cap it with a “SLAY ALL DAY, BABY”?

Go on Miss Ify, with ya bad self!

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