#SolarEclipse2017: A Round-Up Of The Best Images, Videos, And Tweets Of The Day

Total Eclipse of The...Sun?

Total Eclipse of The...Sun?

Today in, Wow, People Are Actually WEEPING: The shadow of the moon covers the sun and for a while, some of America goes dark.

I mean, if you're in the Path of Totality, it goes dark; if you live where I do, it just looked a bit like a storm was brewing. 

Totally underwhelming. 

We viewed the eclipse through a cereal box but I came inside before it was over because it's just the sun and a moon-shadow and I have work to do. 

I know it was Very Very Exciting for other people, and I know I should probably be amazed but I was honestly just busy, so I'll get my news like everyone else, from Twitter. 

And I'll share it with you because I'm cool like that.

First Place Photobomb Award goes to, The International Space Station.

Not sure what's going on here, but it's genius.

Cheers to the fools out there (including our president). 

Hero of the day, Dr. Eugene Gu.

I guess I'm... Oracle of Sacred Strength.


And my personal fave.

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