Jenee Reisinger

What is the biggest challenge you've overcome?
Probably the last guy that I was with. The relationship was really –– oh god, it took so much out of me. And then finally detaching myself was really difficult. I knew it wasn't good for me, so I made the decision. I knew I needed to leave him alone, but it's just hard. It's hard to care about somebody like that because, unfortunately, our feelings aren't like light switches –– we can't just turn them on and off.

What is your favorite pick me up song?
You know, for some reason that song "Magic Man" by Heart. I don't know why, but that keeps going through my head right now!

What's your fondest memory?
Probably just times with my mom. Like baking cookies and stuff. We'd just put a little bit of everything in there ––  stuff that we liked. We made some peanut butter chocolate cookies and then we put some walnuts in them, just different things. They came out really good.




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