Nikki: Comedic actress, Vintage-lover

Spotted at: Sage Vegan Café in LA’s Echo Park neighborhood

Occupation: Actress and sales associate at a vintage clothing store

Did you just have lunch?

Yes, I just meant my friend for lunch at Sage and now I’m going to my improv class.

You do improve?

Yeah I go to Upright Citizen’s Brigade. It’s very fun.

Are you an actress?

I am, a comedic actress.

What is your favorite part of class?

My teacher. He’s hysterical, a real character. He’s an unsuspecting gay guy. He’s kind of like a bro, he wears cargo shorts, but then will say things like “Bye-zies.” He’s hysterical, I just love him.

Your dress is super cute.

Thanks! I got it at a boutique I used to work at in Brooklyn. Not sure what brand it is, though. It’s just a cheapo dress.

This is your it’s-hot-as-hell-in-LA dress?

Exactly. This is the only non-black-and-white dress I own, I think.  

And it looks like you have a vintage Fendi bag?

I love vintage and I work in a vintage store. This is the one thing that makes the outfit not be a complete disaster.

That’s not true! You have a red lip.

I do have a red lip, always with a red lip. 

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