Photo: Abeer Al-Kubaisi, courtesy of MIGA.

Swimsuits Inspired By Scars Are Changing How We Talk About Disfigurement

Mendiola chose to design swimwear as a way to change the narrative surrounding societal beauty standards and physical differences. Read...
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From AllGo's website:

AllGo: The Fat-Friendly Review App Creating A World Where Everyone Fits

Make no mistake: this isn’t just about sturdier chairs. This is about the pain and humiliation of being told, “You must be this thin to engage with Read...
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It’s helpful if you talk to your disabled loved ones to see what works for them.

How To Support Your Disabled Loved Ones This Holiday Season  

It’s helpful if you talk to your disabled loved ones to see what works for them. My family and friends have always been great at figuring out Read...
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Image via Flickr (Inhabitat).

The Tiny House Movement: Who Really Fits? 

A revolution in affordable housing! A revolution in fighting homelessness! So I heard when I decided to binge watch shows and documentaries about the Read...
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The reality is that we think, act, and experience and see the world differently. Image: WOCinTech Chat.

Writing Culture Has An Ableism Problem

As storytellers, disabled writers have thousands of stories inside of us, some related to our disabilities and some not. Some of us are lucky enough Read...
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More gender neutral bathrooms? YES please!

Why This Cis Girl In A Wheelchair Cares About Bathroom Bills

It's frustrating, and even more so because I know I'm not alone in this awkward pee-pee waltz with propriety. Ask any cross-section of people with Read...
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