How to apply eyeliner (without looking like a raccoon.)

I’m So Old, Why Don’t I Have This Crap Figured Out?

I do not have this all figured out. I thought by middle age I would, but nope. Read...
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It never occurred to me in all my years as a single woman that every day I was learning how to be self-sufficient.

How Building My Own Ikea Bed Taught Me Life Lessons I Never Saw Coming

It never occurred to me as a single woman that every day I was learning how to be self-sufficient. That's what building my own Ikea bed taught me. Read...
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One person can’t hold up the weight of another at all times. It’s especially difficult in situations of role reversal, like with parents and kids.

What's Not Said: When Your Parents Take A Toll On Your Health

It can really take a toll on you when you have to parent a parent. Read...
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How lovely were the carefree days of being a younger adult.

7 Realities of Adulthood That Can Kiss My Ass

Griping about adulting is a fun thing that we like to do, I know. But in all honesty, can’t you easily drum up handfuls of reasons as to why being a Read...
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Boss Babes: Get Ready For A New (Feminist) Coloring Obsession

Boss Babes: Get Ready For A New (Feminist) Coloring Obsession

Volansky decided to create Boss Babes as an accessible exercise in female empowerment. “I was seeing all my friends and family receive adult coloring Read...
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Take The Cake: Loving My Extended Adolescence (Or Something)

In the wake of America's "crisis of adulthood" and in the middle of a city known for Peter Pan Syndrome, I find myself feeling that I too have gotten Read...
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The Spirited Child

All Grown Up: What Becomes Of The Spirited Child?

I don’t think anyone who has been to the spirited child parenting rodeo would call a mother who screams, “bad,” or who loses her temper, a “failure Read...
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I’ve found that adulting is all the more important when you’re in a shared living situation. Image: Thinkstock.

Why I Never, Ever Want A Roommate Again

I’ve never had any serious issues with past roommates, whether they’ve been friends, family, or someone I found on Craigslist or something. I Read...
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