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Definitely use a back-up method of birth control until this problem gets worked out.

Pill Problems: Birth Control Recall Happening Now!

The FDA has announced that Mibelas 24 Fe pills, made by Lupin Pharmaceuticals, is under recall due to packaging errors that mixed up the active pills and the placebos. In the case of the recalled lot, the packets have 24 active pills, four placebo pills, then four more placebo pills. That’s too many days without the active pills and your body — your pregnancy risk just got a WHOLE LOT HIGHER.

The Pill Box

Birth Control Subscription Box? YEAH. THAT HAPPENED.

How many time have you popped your last pill only to realize that your birth control prescription has run out? DON'T LIE.


Lack Of Sex-Ed Leads To Skyrocketing Abortion Rates In China's Teens

If you ever want to see what happens when young people aren’t given necessary information about sex, sexual activity, or contraception, look to China.


We Don’t Care About Birth Control Side Effects Until They Happen To Men

These side effects are not new to hormonal birth control; rather, hormonal birth control is new to men. Women and other folks with vaginas have been dealing with this sort of issue since... well, ever.

"A slew of new apps have cropped up that allow patients to have an e-consult (or video consult) with a provider in their state." Image: Pixabay, kaboompics

New Apps Let You Get Birth Control Right Through Your Phone

Modern technology is creating a work-around for the hassle of getting birth control — and putting it right on your phone.


How To Get Birth Control If You Don't Have Insurance

Although Obamacare exists, it doesn’t guarantee that all women are actually insured. Whether your employer doesn’t offer it (some small businesses are exempt) or the cost is too high for you, it can be frustrating when finances prevent you from taking control of your own body.


New Study Finds That Birth Control Leads To More Sex

Is it because whoopee is more fun when there’s less chance that your orgasm will result in a diaper blow-out 40 weeks later?


What They Don't Tell You About The Birth Control Pill

Now, I’m no qualified medic, but surely this was no coincidence.