Birth Control Subscription Box? YEAH. THAT HAPPENED.

The Pill Box

The Pill Box

How many time have you popped your last pill only to realize that your birth control prescription has run out? DON'T LIE. I know it's at least a few. 

(If it's not a few, then we all want to know how you did that.)

And how many of those times did you run to the pharmacy to buy condoms because OMG, NO BABIES PLEASE. Would you like for that to never happen again? Yeah, me too. 


There are subscription boxes for EVERYTHING right now. Books. Makeup. Yoga. A LAWN FOR YOUR DOG (WHAT?)More makeup. Condoms. BACON FOR GODSAKE. Even more makeup.

And now... The Pill (or patch or ring, oh my).

You'll never run out because every month you'll get it RIGHT IN YOUR MAILBOX, with chocolate. Yeah, chocolate. I feel like they know me. 

Pill Club. You + Me 4ever.

Oh, wait. I don't have a uterus. (Thank GOD.)

BUT, if I did have a uterus, you can bet I'd be forgetting to pick up my birth control. And you can bet I'd have signed up for this and my monthly dose of chocolate to go with it.

The Pill Box offers a bunch of options and has their very own pharmacy. This doesn't seem significant, but when you cut out the middle man/woman (the pharmacist, sorry dude), things only get easier. And what's easier than answering a few questions, sending your insurance information, and getting birth control IN THE MAIL? 


Well, the sex you need the birth control for, that's easier. But you don't need a subscription box for that.

OH WAIT. If you do, here's that one

Carry on in preventative care!

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