Chester, you will be missed. (Image credit: Instagram/@linkinpark)

Linkin Park's Chester Bennington, Another Victim Of Suicide

Another of our musical idols was found dead today in his LA home. Earlier this year it was Chris Cornell, today it's Linkin Park's frontrunner, Chester Bennington.

Chris Pratt lookalike?

Love Justin Bieber? New Dating App Lets You Search For Celebrity Lookalike

New dating app Badoo allows you to choose your next date based on whether they look like the celebrity of your choosing. Here's why that's a problem!

The dirty truth about how detrimental those post-baby-body stories are to women hit me one week after my son’s birth. Image: Thinkstock.

Why I'm Swearing Off “Post-Baby Body” Stories

In my work as an entertainment writer, some of the easiest stories are the post-baby body reveals. You know the type: “Within three days of delivery, Celebrity Person shed any trace her womb housing a growing baby for the past 10 months! Look at those abs!”

Not pictured: a filling breakfast.

Celebrity Diet Nonsense

In an interview last week for The Cut, Bernadette Peters made some absurd statements about how she eats to stay in shape. “It turns out there's no shortcut,” The Cut notes, “just a lifetime of exercise and extremely healthy eating” — except if you keep reading, you’ll see this relationship with food doesn’t sound healthy at all.

“Lately, I’ve gone back to coffee,” the two-time Tony-winning actress begins the interview, as if she’s admitting to a heroin relapse. She goes on to share that her typical breakfast consists of “three little smiles” of grapefruit and a spoonful of hemp powder.

This — which is all of about 50 calories — is fuel for a morning trip to the gym.

Pregnant = steamy dreams?

Do You Have Vivid Sex Dreams When You're Pregnant? ME TOO

The sex dreams that have caught me completely off-guard. I don’t generally have much of a sex drive during my pregnancy when I’m awake, but when I’m asleep, it’s a completely different story. I have these incredibly vivid, incredibly-detailed sex dreams almost every night. Often, they involve celebrities.


Nicki Minaj Is Creating Her Own Video Game

We’ve seen her judge American Idol, act in movies, and now featured in her very own . . . videogame?


Fug Girls: Fuggin' Fabulous Blog Queens 

Real Names: Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan