Celine Tam on America's Got Talent

This 9-Year-Old Blows Our Collective Minds And Gets A Gold Buzzer From Laverne Cox

Today in, Things That Will Make You Question If You Have Any Talent AT ALL: This kid blows our damn minds on America's Got Talent. Read...
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Most of all, be proactively there and present for your friend.

6 Things To Do For A Family After The Loss Of A Baby

*/ /*-->*/ Watching a friend or loved one go through the heartache of losing a child can be a horribly painful thing to do. If you yourself have Read...
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Is it possible to shift the dialogue when it comes to teaching masculinity to boys? Image: Thinkstock.

We Have To Change The Kind Of Masculinity We Teach Our Sons

I guess we are all guilty of gender-typing to some degree. It’s ingrained deep in our subconscious and culture. Everywhere we go: shopping malls, in Read...
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Aaron. Image: author.

The Police Shot And Killed My Friend Aaron

The only people who paid the price for Aaron's death were his family and friends. This must stop. Police should never be above the law they have Read...
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Momsense is a revolutionary product, an app that takes the guesswork out of this whole situation. Image: bule/Pixabay.

Momsense: The App That's Revolutionizing Breastfeeding

With bottle feeding, you are able to fill the bottle with a very specific amount of formula or breast milk and are able to physically see how much Read...
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We want him to know that while things will change when his sister gets here, he can always come to us for anything, and we will always make time for him. Image: Elizabeth Kardaseva/Pixabay.

5 Things I Plan On Doing Before I Become A Mom Of Two

I’m not going to lie or sugarcoat my feelings right now — I’m nervous about going from a mom of one to a mom of two. My son is seven, so he, my Read...
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“I know what I am now. I’m pansexual.” Image: Pixabay.

My 10-Year-Old Daughter Came Out At Pride. I'm Proud, But Also Afraid.

Moments after this big reveal, as I sat with the knowledge that I was the mother of a queer daughter, we heard about the man in Los Angeles being Read...
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I have a hard time believing that men can be victims of domestic violence, and I know that my stepfather Joe is at the root of my problem. Image: Lechon Kirb/Unsplash.

My Abusive Stepfather Made Me Think Men Can't Be Victims Of Domestic Violence

Although I hesitate to admit it, I have a hard time believing that men can be victims of domestic violence, and I know that my stepfather Joe is at Read...
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