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I Don’t Want To Be A Parent, Except When I Hear You’re Having A Baby

Even though I know I have no business having a baby, it feels like a door closing on my fingers every time I see it happen to someone else. Read...
Lynda Williams of Role Reboot    |   06.19.19   |   SHARE
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Ask Erin: How Do I Tell My Friends With Kids To Back Off?

My friends with kids seem to think I'm fair game for blow-by-blow plays about the tiniest details of their day for hours at a time. Read...
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Ask Erin
Wanting a child and wanting to experience childbirth are two very different things.

What If A Child Is Right For Me, But Childbirth Isn’t?

Wanting a child and wanting to experience childbirth are two very different things. Read...
Chelsea Cristene of Role Reboot    |   01.10.19   |   SHARE
Being a mother is complicated.

If You Say You’ve Never Regretted Having Kids, You’re Lying

No regrets about having kids? Maybe it’s time we all came clean. Read...
Elizabeth Laura Nelson of SHESAID    |   03.16.18   |   SHARE
I want us all to carefully consider the terms in which we describe our choices to others in order to pare them from implicit value judgments on other women’s choices.

Stop Judging Women On Their Choice To Have (Or Not Have) Kids

I’m not here to scream from the other side of my parenting choice. What I want is for women’s choices regarding fertility to be supported, full stop. Read...
Amy Monticello of Role Reboot    |   11.10.17   |   SHARE
At 36 years old, I’m starting to come to terms with the fact that I may never have kids.

I'm 36 And I May Never Have Kids

Mostly, I feel happy with the freedom in my life. I exercise when I want, write, cook, read, and have peace from chaos. I'm 36 and I may never have Read...
Kristin Hanes    |   10.27.17   |   SHARE
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Childfree Women Are Amazing: A Look At My So-Called Selfish Life

The fact that childfree women exist is remarkable, apparently, and people really want to know how we got this way, as untoward and dangerous as we Read...
Chanel Dubofsky    |   10.9.17   |   SHARE
Choosing not to have kids is a choice, just like everything else in life.

The Art Of Navigating A Relationship When You're A Woman Who Doesn't Want Kids

Being a woman who does not want to become a mother is still a bit of a cultural anomaly in 2017. Read...
Gigi Engle    |   03.13.17   |   SHARE
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